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Rodent & Rat Exclusion Service

Get Rid of Rats with the Help of Rat Exclusion Service

Atlanta Rat Removal utilizes chemical free Atlanta rodent exclusion and control methods. A four step process starts with a rat or rodent inspection and implementation of a trapping program. The third step is rodent exclusion to prevent more rats or mice from entering the structure once the initial rodents that have been eliminated. To complete the service a clean up and restoration process to remove rodent waste and nesting material from attics, crawlspaces and walls will be done. Another step of great importance is changing, adding or eliminating certain things to the habitat to make it less pleasing. Professional experience is helpful when it comes to achieving the desired results. Atlanta Rat Removal can provide our customers with what is required to do the job correctly from start to finish. An explanation of our four step process for a rat and rodent free home is below. Atlanta Rat Removal is best rat exterminator and rodent control specialist in Atlanta and always working to achieve job efficiency to help maintain a more affordable service for the client.

1. Rodent inspection

Rat Exclusion Service

An effective rat control program must employ practical methods that are relatively effective andnstraight-forward. The successful Atlanta rat removal and Atlanta rodent exclusion of an infestation in or around a dwelling usually depends on three separate components. These components are elimination of the rodent population, sanitation of the rat or mouse nesting area and rat exclusion or rodent proofing. Rat exclusion involves locating and sealing the entry points which includes reinforcing areas of vulnerability. Atlanta Rat Removal will start every rodent removal process with a thorough structure inspection and surrounding property. During this initial inspection, Atlanta Rat Removal will not only determine the current rodent issue  and how to get rid of rats that are entering the structure, but also find all areas of harborage.

2. Rat trapping

This is the first step in the implementation of rat control, rat exclusion and extermination service and an Atlanta rodent exclusion program. Trapping helps eliminate the rat population. Rat trapping is not a permanent solution for a rat or other rodents in the attic, walls, basement or crawl space problem. Repairs and exclusion, in conjunction with the trapping, are required to keep rodents out of the structure. The issue with randomly trapping rats or mice, is that you cannot, with any certainty, eliminate all of the critters that have been living or visiting the dwelling’s attic, crawlspace or permanently remove animal noise in the wall or other areas.

3. Exclusion and repairs

Rodent exclusion of a building consists of correcting a structure’s defects to remove rats’ access to the interior space. Reinforcing and repairing rat’s entry points is necessary for long-term control of rodents. If trapping is the only method implemented new rats or mice will replace the new removed. The structure is PROPERLY sealed, all entry points located, or the problem may reoccur when new rats find these areas of vulnerability. Atlanta Rat Removal can find the active entry points and other defects and perform the required exclusion.

4. Clean-up and decontamination

If rats are inhabiting your attic, basement, or crawl space, there is a lot of damage that can be done. Urine and feces, substances that harbor diseases, can accumulate. Insulation can be shredded to form nesting materials requiring rat and rodent dropping cleanup and attic insulation replacement. Wires and wood can be chewed. Food can be brought into group nesting areas and bring mold and rot. Norway rats can even create extensive tunnel systems that threaten the stability of your foundation.

If this is something that you’re concerned about, we can help. We begin by doing a site inspection of your home. We will search the grounds for food sources and help you find strategies for rat proofing these areas. We can find the entrance and exit points of your rat infestation and implement an exclusion strategy with removal recommendations. Rats are very shy.

Rat cleanup has three steps to it. The immediate mess must be cleaned and disinfected. Because of the risk of certain diseases that come with rat feces, certain precautions should be taken. From there, repairs must be made to any structural issues due to tunneling and chewing, wiring problems, and destroyed insulation. Finally, the entrances and exits for future rat infestations must be located and sealed. This work comes with a warranty.

We offer extensive wildlife control services throughout the greater Atlanta area. Because we are a wildlife-only company, we have the expertise needed to take care of your problems and the integrity to do so in a fast and efficient manner. We can even find areas of your home that may lead to new wildlife problems in the future.

Urban Wildlife Control provides bird control, raccoon removal, rat pest control for Cobb, Fulton , Cherokee and Forsyth and for Marietta, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Duluth, Roswell and surrounding areas.

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Whether you have faced wildlife problems in the past, you are facing them now, or you have eliminated the problem yourself and you want to ensure that it will not happen again, we can help. We can help show you the difference between a rat, mouse, and squirrel or chipmunk problem and the specific ways in which we can help you to address all four. We offer inspections for those with ongoing problems as well as for those who have just moved into a new home and want to prevent future wildlife problems from occurring. Call us today for a free estimate for all Wildlife Removal and Animal Removal problems.

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If you live in North Fulton or greater Atlanta and need Alpharetta rat removal services from rat extermination company in Atlanta, Johns Creek rat removal services, Roswell rat removal services, or the newer city Milton rat removal. we are only a phone call away.

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