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Protect Your Home From Rats

Rats And Mice Control Service In Atlanta

Do you find it awful when you see rats around your home? Are they harmful? Why they surround your area?

Many questions come in mind when one sees rats. And with a reaction of “stay away!” one often eludes to take a step to get rid of them.

Rats, a little wildlife living next door!

Small colonization of these tiny creatures does a lot to feast destruction. Rats near your home or the building you live in, or around the society, can truly be hazardous. You need a rat control expert to remove such wildlife neighboring your house.

In Atlanta, there are two main breeds of rats and that is roof rat and Norway rats. Both of these species prosper in urban environs. They formerly came from Asia and Europe. They are habitual of breeding and damaging. They evolve into a great nuisance and trouble people. For rat control Atlanta expert treatment you should opt for the local services.

Places occupied by rats

They are good tree climbers, build deep holes where they get it accessible. Any hollow space they find, make their home. Also in walls, basements, roofs or any crawling space they get. They hunt for the places within few feet of their chief nurturing grounds.

A little open corner or any crack in your door or main gate or in the wall, allows them to easily enter and re-enter in your house.

They stay up all night and make a weird noise that can irritate you and lead you to a sleepless night. They have a tendency to multiply recklessly. These rats are well thought-out as inhabiting animals.


Rats not only create annoyance but spread dangerous diseases as well. These human food lovers (both meats and vegetables) get attracted towards the food, roam around it and contaminate the food you eat, causing diseases.

Syndromes they cause

  • Murine typhus
  • Rat bite fever
  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • Eosinophilic meningitis
  • leptospirosis

Devastations rats make

With their stinging teeth,

  • They tend to chew the electrical wires until the bare copper is left causing short circuits and fire hazard.
  • They even destroy the furniture in your house and the clothes exposed anywhere out.
  • A rat eliminates waste around sixty times. They leave behind the droppings and urine which makes that particular place stink and attract more rats to come.

Eviction process we follow

Rats are very smart kind of animals and are fast enough to run away in just a blink. It is extremely complicated to catch rats.

Use of poisonous material to control rat problem is forbidden as that poison could have an adverse effect on pets around and even on children in your house. Another risk is the probability of the rats dying inside the house.

We trap the rats and move them at another place with the more natural environment as this is the most satisfying method.

As this is considered to be a sluggish procedure, we keep a check on the decrease in the number of the rats netted till it comes to zero.

Once we are able to find their holes empty, you seal them strong so that rats could never re-enter them. And this activity must be done very professionally as a rat control service providers.

We give you the best service to stop rats’ penetration.

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