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Atlanta Rat Removal is a division of Urban Wildlife Control.

We are a private business that serves the greater Atlanta area including Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth, Pickens, Dekalb, Gwinnett and the surrounding areas.

Every time you build a home, there is wildlife that is displaced. These animals seek to find a home themselves, often using your home or outbuildings as a starting place. As a dedicated wildlife removal company, we understand who is staying in your home, what they are looking for, and how to not only remove them but to make the place less appealing to others of the same species. Though our rat population is not native, we use the same strategy to understand why they are here and to help you keep them from returning.

We are also proud to help with non-rodent animal problems. We offer free estimates, at-home inspections, and advice on preventative maintenance. Click on our website at Urban Wildlife Control, or call for information about rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, etc.

We also keep a blog about common wildlife problems, as well as dedicated pages about rats, squirrels, and other common wildlife.

Some Cities We Service

Alpharetta rat removal – We receive many call from this North Fulton city, homes built in the mid to late 90’s typically have multiple issues that mean it is easy for rats to encroach.
Johns Creek rat removal – This new city was formed from sections of Alpharetta and Duluth. The landscape offers a diverse ecosystem that provides an abundance of food for rodents, allowing for healthy populations.
Kennesaw rat removal – Both the older section of Kennesaw and the sprawling North West portion near Acworth are havens for rodents of all kind, especially squirrels and rats.
Marietta rat removal – East Cobb, West Cobb, and South Cobb are all home to late 70’s and mid 80’s neighborhoods- free-feeding pets and aging homes are a great combination to attract rats.
Milton rat removal – The North end of Alpharetta is now Milton. A decade ago, most of this region was nothing more than 50-acre horse farms with lots of land for critters to roam free. As this area developed, the rats have shifted from livestock feed to home invasion.
Roswell rat removal – The most urban parts of Roswell serve as a base for Norway rats, who do really well in city downtowns, thanks to underground utility tunnels and open dumpsters to eat from.
Sandy Springs rat removal – Sandy Springs and Dunwoody have many aging homes that are easy for rats to find their way inside.

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319 Atlanta St SE
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